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My Street Photography photos are on tumblr!

Hi gang,

Over here in Belgium the weather is finally clearing up a bit which means it’s more enjoyable to go out and do some street shooting!

Just a quick heads up, I’ve noticed an increase in traffic on the blog (thanks!) and have gotten a few questions as to where exactly I upload my street photography.

I have my normal portfolio (www.morganmoller.com) for everything that is fashion, portraiture and editorial work. I also have a separate portfolio for my street photography (http://morganmoller.tumblr.com/) .

It’s separate, because I feel street photography can’t be put in one single category. I also update it much more regularly than the other one, usually on a daily basis. I also like the feature that allows one to subscribe for automatic updates, that’s why I chose tumblr.

So there you go, go out and shoot some more, then head over to morganmoller.tumblr.com 🙂

Cheers & Happy Snapping!



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