Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone // Breathe The Sound

Sometimes you just gotta step outside of your comfort zone!

Last week, I was approached by a friend of mine who started her own radio station. I think it’s an amazing thing to pull of and she puts so much effort in it that it needs to be supported.

She asked me if I could fill in to shoot their monthly concerts since their usual photographer couldn’t make it. I was happy to be able to help her!

Now, I’ve only shot one other band, Leningrad and if I’m perfectly honest, this isn’t my favorite type of photography. It just isn’t, I think it’s the lack of control you have as a photographer that troubles me. I don’t know. I am however completely into indie-music, and when she told me Breathe The Sound came I was game!

Breathe The Sound is a relatively new group, and very fresh. They have an amazing sound, check ’em out on Spotify!

Most of the times, when you’re shooting bands you’re going to have light problems. These types of venues are often badly lit in terms of light output power.

I shot the whole gig with my 85 f/1.8 & 24 f/2.8.



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