So I switched to BlackBerry…

Hi guys,
Here comes a totally unrelated post, but had to get it of my chest.

I’ve always secretely been drawn towards BlackBerry. I don’t know what it is, maybe the keyboard, maybe the overall looks, it’s just been there. However, for the last couple of years, I was an iPhone-hipster. Until recently.

On New Year’s Eve, my iPhone was stolen from my jacket. Nothing too bad, did a remote wipe and that was that. However I needed a new phone. I like gadgets, so I browsed a bit around, see what was on the market. Obviously there was the iPhone. Then there was Android. I looked at a couple of models, but I decided not to go that path. The way I see it, Google’s got enough on me. (I know, totally senseless) but I don’t like the fact that there are 1000 devices with it and that every operator installs his modification of the OS on it. That’s a strongsuit for Apple.

So the obvious third choice was BlackBerry. I bought a Torch II because I couldn’t deal with the small, horizontal screens of all the other models after coming from an iPhone and I was desperate for a keyboard. The Storm never was in the race, because really, if you want to get a touch-phone, get an iPhone.

What are my impressions now? They’re fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the best phone I’ve had, but it’s certainly not the worse.

What are the things I like :
-The keyboard. Somewhere deep down, I always hated the fact my iphone had that virtual keyboard. I like buttons, sue me. Now that I have, I think that if I ever switch back to Apple, that’ll be the most-missed feature.

-Battery life. We’re in 2012, and we sent people to the moon, yet Apple can’t grip the fact that a phone needs to have longer battery life then 2 days. That was the most I got from my iPhone, and a lot of people aswel, after using it ‘intensively’. I think the word ‘intensive use’ is bullshit. If you’re gonna make a phone that integrates twitter, facebook, checks you email every hour and so on, then it’s not extensive use anymore, it’s just use, so STOP hiding behind the fact that you’re overusing it. My BlackBerry now holds up for at least 4 days, sometimes even more. That’s FAN-TASTIC.

-Integrated Apps. The integrated apps, like calendar are far superior to Apple’s. One of the things I hate most on smartphone is the need to install apps, for apps you allready have. Like Apple’s Calendar. That app is a piece of crap, it’s too basic, non-adjustable. Bah. The PIM-apps on BlackBerry are very superior to this. This might come from their business-background. I don’t know, I’m just happy with it.

What I miss about my iPhone :
-Applications : The App World is nothing like the App Store. I miss a lot of apps that are iPhone exclusive. Things are getting better, but we’re far from home.

-Chargeability. I could charge my iPhone EVERYWHERE (partly, because it was needed). Everyone I know had some form of apple-charger somewhere at home. You could charge your iPhone wherever you are. This introduces the third most missed feature

-iPod : I have an iPod 160 Classic. I love the form, the device and I need the space. However I do miss the ability to play my music (on the iPhone) again, almost everywhere. iPhone docks started to appear almost everywhere, which meant you could play your music everywhere. I miss that.

All in all, the BlackBerry is great. It’s not better than the iPhone, but that never was it’s point. I think that in the end, Apple & BlackBerry will be the only 2 remaining players left because they target two completely different markets. As long as they keep doing their thing, they’ll be allright.

Uhum, didn’t you forget Android?

I don’t see a great future for Android. The fact they have an open-source platform, and that every operator has the right to modify that platform (mostly to add country-specific gadgets that slow down and bloat your device that nobody uses) and the fact they’ve got dozens of devices with specifically different technical specifications will consume itself. I have to deal with drivers, devices, incompabilities and such on my desktop, I don’t want them on my smartphone. Nor do I want an antivirus and what not. Unless Google is going to get a grip on their product, and restrict modifications or transform it to a closed-source platform (which also had it’s disadvantages) they’re going to go deeper and deeper down the rabbithole. It’s going to become the Linux of smartphones, and the only reason it’ll sell is because it’s cheap and customizeable. They have to put user-experience first (like Apple & Bb) even if that diminishes their popularity (you’ll always have haters, and my younger sister didn’t buy one because it was customizable…)

Anyway, this is just a small breakdown on the two devices, a small comparison. In no way is this comprehensive or anything, it’s just a personal thought about it.


PS : Some exciting shoots coming up second half of this year, and there’ll be a lot more BTS-video!
PS2 : My sister now has a BlackBerry. Enough said.


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