Long overdue tales from Amazing Asia – Part 1 | Thailand

It feels like a lifetime since I’ve written something down on this blog. Wait – it’s been a lifetime since I’ve jotted something down here. I guess it’s part of my love/hate relationship with blogs. I often put myself the arduous task of writing a post, when suddenly I start to doubt the effectiveness of it.

Does the internet really need another post about a lighting setup? Or another rant on inspiration?

I then plunge in this hate-relationship with blogging, and social media in general. Really? Tweeting about your omelets again? Oh, and you added a picture! Great, thanks for giving me an idea of what an omelet looks like, I was completely lost!

Then, there are these moments when I get back in touch with the love-part of social media. Interacting with people all over the world remains amazing, if you keep in mind that some 50 years ago textmessages were telegrams. Being able to learn so many things on such short notice remains flabergeisting at times. I caught myself thinking this when last week I realised official news was spreaded faster through the means of Twitter etc than normal papers.

And this being 2011, normal papers mean the online-versions of normal, traditional printed papers, who are starting to get dated.

Anyway, I’m ranting – which is paradoxically what I was trying to avoid, such is life – and need to get back on track. Thanks for hanging in there.

The last big trip I took was one that took me and a couple of friends through some quite amazing countries in Asia. We visited Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. This also explains why this is a separated blog post in 3 pieces.

Temple rooftops in Bangkok, Thailand

More after the jump…

Part 1 : Thailand. Bangkok.

Bangkok is perhaps the most hectic city in the world. It’s hot, humid, frantic & it never sleeps. The constant buzzing of tuktuk-horns takes some getting used to but at the same time it’s nice to be in such a welcoming country. One thing you’ll find in Bangkok are temples. There are a huge amount of temples in the inner city, and they’re easily spottable due to the golden rooftops they have.

Temples in Thailand are the pinnacle of finition and determination. The level of detail for each sqaure meter is astonishing.

Temps Statues

Temple Status in Bangkok, Nikon dSlr, Sandisk Digital Film

One of these temples houses the famous giant buddha. It’s a 40-meter statue laying on it’s side. It’s huge and impossible to photograph in a single frame due to the dimensions of the temple, and getting a clear shot of it is near to impossible due to the huge amount of tourists. It’s quite impressive though.

40 meter gold-plated buddha in Bangkok, Thailand


We didn’t spend an enormous time in Bangkok, as we had to head towards Siem Reap, Cambodia fairly early in the morning.

We hopped in a minivan and found ourselves en-route for the cambodian border. Here the ‘well-this-is-weird-oh-wait-its-asia’ moments happened. We had to follow a whole circuit to obtain our cambodian passports, which seems to be a somewhat random process depending on your border guide (a nice man you pay to take care of the paperwork for you, because trust me you cannot read khmer writing.Don’t even try.) After about an hour we hopped on another, larger bus that would take us to Siem Reap.

Sounds good? It sure did to us. Little did we notice, the tires the bus rode on, had probably been fabricated during World War 1, served during World War 1 and had been refurbished and reshipped to Cambodia for use on this bus. That was how old they were. It led to the unsurprising fact that halfway our journey one of those tires blew, and we had to stop. Nothing out of the ordinary people around us were saying. Add that to the deplorable roadcondition of cambodian roads, and you’re in for a pretty bumpy ride.

But hey, part of the trip right?

Read more on the next blogpost about Cambodia, and later about Vietnam.

Thanks for reading, and as always, don’t hesitate to forward to friends, families & fools!






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