Frame your Work

There’s been a significant side-effect of the general switch to general photography. We tend to see less and less prints. People don’t need to bring in the roll of film at the local photo developement lab, and in stead just store hundreds of files on their computer.

If your photo looks good on a screen, it’ll look even better printed. It’s been my general feeling with prints.

One thing to do, if you have decided to print out your photos, is to frame them. Photos look at least twice as good when you frame them. Frames can be expensive, which is why most people don’t frame their photos but that’s why I’ve got a tip for you here.

If you live in Europe (i’m not sure about their position on the American market), there are Ikea stores in nearly every big city. They sell these simple, clean black or beige frames which vary in sizes. I prefer the black frames, because they create such beautiful contrast with white borders (as shown in the picture underneath)

Here’s an example of a group portrait I shot in a rather biblical style , like  The Last Supper. I got it printed, and it really looks better once framed. Same thing for a shot that I took in New York. By the way, this was taken with Sigma’s 10-20 @ 10mm so it’s really distorted.

These frames are really cheap (I paid 25€ for the big once, and maybe 10€ for the smaller, A4 one.)

They’re quite sturdy, and the black finish is really nice.

They come with hard paper inlays that makes a nice white border if you haven’t made the border in a program like lightroom etc… I prefer to make them myself, so that I have control over size, width etc…

They’re really a steal, and you can’t go wrong for that price, so it’s basically a no-brainer. Steal ’em while they’re available!




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