Gear is no substitute for Vision

In this day and age where all kinds of photography accessories are made by all kinds of people, people often get lost in the forest of items.
Just this week I met someone who had just bought a Nikon D3 and was asking people online, what the best settings were for automatic shooting.
I kid you not.

I spend quite some time on online forums, twitter and all kinds of social media because there’s an incredible amount of stuff you can learn like that,
and one thing I notice often is that people whine about not having enough ‘gear’. Chase Jarvis calls ’em Gearheads if i’m not mistaken.

Mario Testino is one the 5 most regarded and rewarded fashion photographers today and probably has shot everyone that’s anyone.
In this video, he shoots actress Jessica Biel for the february cover of Vogue US.

What struck me with this video, is the simplicity of the shoot. Keep in mind, these are shoots that usually cost thousands and thousands of dollars,
it’s Vogue US for god’s sake. However, if you take a look at the B&W shot the simplicity is striking. It’s just him and her (and the turtles, goats, etc…)
but there aren’t 5 Profoto strobes, 5 softboxes, etc… It’s just beautiful natural light, and the results are stunning.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that a photographer shouldn’t always be worried about not having the right gear, or not enough, etcetera etcetera.

Just adapt to the situation, bend the natural light, and in last resort, tend towards those accesories that you’ve brought with you.

Big ups,



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