New Year. New Challenges. New Successes. New Failures.

Hi y’all!

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to the new blog and wish you a happy new year. I know it’s late, but season greetings become a social faux-pas after the 31st of January, which we luckily haven’t passed yet.  As you’ve noticed, we’ve completely switched shops here. We used to be an all WordPress shop, with everything combined into one mainframe, but we’ve gone separate ways now.

We’ve divided the site into two categrories. The professional portfolio/photofolio powered by ProFolio. It’s open-source, freeware and it just rocks. It’s got everything any photographer would need, looks fancy, has an intuitive CMS based control panel and did I mention it was free? I don’t mind spending bucks to get good results, but why spend ’em when you can get results like that for free? It’s fantastic.

The blog interface however still relies on the most popular and extensible backframe of WordPress. We’ve gone through a completely other interface/design and we like it. We’ve tried to unite the designs of the portfolio, the blog and my twitter page to provide an ‘ensemble’ that keeps you in the right frame of mind.

We’ve added functionality through a right-sided twitter board, a tag cloud, search box, etc…all the things that we missed with the old blog. We hope you like it.

We’ve also added upgraded iPhone functionality. The site should be completely viewable on your iPhone, without any distortion or weirdness whatsoever.

Keep in mind, that we’re constantly upgrading the site, and it’s still in it’s babyshoes for the moment 🙂

As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, we have some, but we most of all have some for you!

This year, the beginning of a new decade has to be spectacular that’s why we wish you (in no particular order) to do the following :

Book that trip you’ve been wanting to book.
A lot of thing indicate that travelling will become more expensive in the near future and then return to it’s old fares, but in the meanwhile the forthcoming years it will be more expensive so you need to go to that place you’ve been wanting to go to. It’ll be great for your inspiration, and you might come home with some nice frames!

Ask that girl/model you’ve been wanting to work with.
A lot of people I know are ‘afraid’ of asking a model (even if it isn’t a professional one) for a shoot. Don’t be. You might get turned down, but at least you’ll have an answer in stead of pining away in the corner. You might be surprised by the responses. A lot of people (and this includes non-pro models) don’t have nice pictures of them self. By that I mean pictures that have been thought out, etc…and they would most certainly love to be in front of your lens.

-Book that pro-model you’ve been wanting to work with.
Even if she is pro, than just book her and make some stunning images. It’s worth it.

-Save up for that accessory you’ve been dying to have.
A new softbox, an octabox or a beautydish? Save up for it!

-Buy that accessory you’ve been saving for.
When it’s time to buyu it, don’t beasle out and do it! You’ll thank yourself later on.

Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read and learn about new techniques.
Knowledge is power and in a day and age where dSlr’s are incredibly affordable you’ll have to stand out of the pack by knowing every inch of your material, and that comes by learning!

-Plan that shoot you’ve been dying to do.
Time to put said knowledge to the test and try out the tecniques! Plan a shoot completely. Book your models, book your MUA, scout a location, rent the gear. Plan everything, and then go over it again so you’re sure you haven’t missed a thing!

Fill in with what you want to do in 2010!

There really aren’t limits to this list, and it’s up to you to fill it up. I’ve already accomplished my first task which was to set up and deploy the new portfolio, blog and twitter interface. What’s your challenge?

In the meantime, here’s a short video-résumé of y New Year’s Eve party. Yes, that is a paper backdrop that survived for about 15 minutes.

Music courtesy of Ghostland Observatory.

That’s a resumé of my newyear. I hope you had a blast as well, i certainly did. By the way, I’m the moron with the red pants and the inherent santa-claus syndrome that comes with a pair of the trousers.

Love to you all and a prosperous 2010,



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