2 Quick Holiday Gifts

Hi folks,

Tomorrow, it’s Chritsmas’ eve and that means that hopefully gifts of all kinds are on their way!
If you’re like a bunch of people that I know and wake up the 23rd or (even worse) the 24th and think
‘Oh, crap , forgot to buy a gift’ than read on.

If you’re buying a gift for a photographer, or someone that does graphic work on a computer, these gifts will surely please them, and save you from  a holiday whoop down!

1. Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch Graphic Tablet

Wacom is the Rolls Royce of graphic tablets. If the person you’re buying this gift for hasn’t got one, you’ll
probably change his life, and his workflow. These little tablets let you ‘paint’ on the job, which is a hell of a lot easier than clicking with your mouse repeatedly. It’s also way more accurate for retouching jobs, etc…

It’s also believed to fight RSI, which is something everyone who works regularly behind a computer should care about.
Best of all? It’s not even that expensive! It goes for about 89$ here

2. Expodisc

This little baby is the master at setting the right white balance for your camera and lens. It might not seem like much at first, but it diminishes your post-processing time a lot, since it automatically calibrates your white balance before shooting, to obtain perfect white balance. It’s a really neat gift, and I use it before everything I shoot. It just easily screws on, and you’re set!

It goes for about 50$ here

So, here are two gifts for all those of you who are kinda late with their presents but still want to make someone happy 😉

Merry Christmas!



3 thoughts on “2 Quick Holiday Gifts

  1. Morgan says:

    Yeah, but it isn’t nearly as handy. Try setting up a whitebalance card whilst shooting landscapes if you’re alone.

    Plus, in a studio environment in which you aren’t shooting with Profoto/Broncolor equipment and where your color temperature shifts slightly in-between shots, an expodisc is massively more useful.

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