Harsh lights, carvy stones and hard edges

Hi folks!

Did a couple of portraits with for some guys who’re in a scouting group. Needed invidivual and group shots of the group and was happy to jump in . Flash them with harsh, bare lights . Loved makin’ em, don’t get that many chances to play with really hard lights.

Really wanted to create that very crips, desated, harsh-lighted portrait look, like you’d see with athletes. Evidently these weren’t but you get the point.


Light setup was a fairly basic setup. 2 monoheads on each side behind the subject at 1/32nd or so of full power, with no modifiers except their standard reflectors. The create that nice rimlight on the side of the face, and provide for the awesome white. Beautydish at 45° in front of them with a speedlight at 1/16th of it’s power. That makes the hard edges of the shirt, and the wall come out.

I really love the structure of the wall, it gives it that very hard and rugged look.

Since I wanted to create really overly crisp images, I chose the Nikkor 50mm f/1,8D @ f/8 , it’s sweet spot for that ultimate crispness. Upped it a bit in lightroom afterwards. ISO 200

Shot with a Nikon dSlr, 50mm lens, 3 flasheads on SanDisk Digital Film

Another one


Added some sweet little vignetting in postpro, but aside from that and the clarity there hasn’t been much done to these shots. Just clean, neat simple bodyshots.

Id doesn’t always have to be fairytales and elves!




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