Overzealous protectionism or market demand?

Is it me, or has the news been full of photography-related items lately?

First you have the controversy on Demi Moore’s bodyswitching with Victoria’s Secret Model Anja Rubik.
My simple question is : If it’s real, did the creative force behind this move really think they’d get away with it? There are certain limits in every field of business, and this is definitely one of those limits.

Another question that rushed through my mind is this one : What does Demi think of this? Surely it must be a blow to someone’s self-esteem to have your whole body replaced by another supermodel’s body except for the head. And the only reason that didn’t happen is because you’ve got a famous mug. Talk about crawling in a whole and dying.


Magazine retouching has always been a ‘sensitive’ area in the press, since the image they project nearly never resembles true life. But in my opinion, there’s a  thin thick line between adjusting, and tweaking an image and completely and vulgarly replace it. Beauty is obviously an image that’s sensible to evoution in time, but what about self respect, self esteem?



The latest scandal involves Ella Rose Corby, a young aspiring model who graces the cover if this month’s Stab magazine. People busy with imaging, photography and the likes will immediately recognize the ‘stab’ towards GQ’s August 2009 cover featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli on the cover.

The problem here, it seems is that the girl is only 16 years old. Although the fact that she’s nude, she isn’t really ‘nude’, just like Bar Refaeli isn’t. The same thing happened with the scandal involving Annie Leibovitz’s portrait of Miley Cyrus, just a couple of months ago. The fashion industry is notorious for ditching models who are too old. Once you’ve hit that milestone, you’re out of the game no matter what. You might still look as good as you did 5 years ago, it doesn’t matter. This makes it logical to scout for younger girls, since the exit-age is decreasing every year. What’s too young then?

Is it due to the this time and age’s moral view on humanity? There are countries in the world where girls and young women are being sold as cattle to relatives, or even worse, the highest bidder far under the age of 16, but if she wants to make it her profession, 16 is just too young?

It’s an eternal discussion, with no clear and easy answer but i’d love to hear your thought on it.



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