2 Tips for Fashion Photographers on the Cheap

Hi everybody,

I’ve been crazy busy with things lately, came back from New York and had tons to process. I know the posts have been very meager lately, but I wanted to share 2 quick tips for (fashion) photographers that don’t have a budget to spend on reflectors or windmachines.

Reflectors can come in very handy, but for the better one’s you need to cash out a lot of benjamins sadly. What I sometimes do is, I bought a styrofoam plate, cut it in half, glued the two halves to make it thicker, and then bought two rolls of aluminum foil. One silver and one golden. On each side I taped a slice of each, and voila! Two reflectors, a super lightweight-frame and about 5$ spent.

It might not be terrific in windy situations, since I guess it’s prone to flying away, but in a controlled, studio environment, it’s great. Plus, you can make all size and shapes with it! Imagine you had to but a huge sunbounce, that would set you back quite a bit.

The second tip, is also for fashion photographers and it’s a golden one. I’ll always remember a certain passage in Annie Leibovitz’s last book At Work. It was something along the lines of ‘if your picture is looking dull, there’s not enough wind’. Same thing is true for fashion photography especially. Wind creates energy, composition, and that little sparkle that gives your photo the extra touch it deserves. Now, windmachines like Bowens’ JetStream can set you back quite a bit, or even if you have the cash to spend, hauling a big Ritter fan across midtown can be quite of a hassle.

The thing is to take a big, rigid piece of plastic and in one sweeping movement from north to south waving towards the model. This will create a large gust of wind and give you that sparkle for you picture. Evidently, it requires somekind of assistand but if you’re on the cheap, it’s a great trick.
Hey, and they use it at Vogue, so it can’t be that bad can it?


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