Sometimes fancy won’t even cut it.

Hi gang!

I want to share a couple of thoughts I’ve had lately (hence the intellibulb!)

Couple of days ago, I met someone I met online and we chatted for quite a while about various things, and inevitably we stumbled upon the subject of photography. I’m always eager to talk about, well really all the aspects of it since it kind of interests on all areas.

We started talking about upcoming projects I had, and upcoming projects he had. What I noticed, was that the always referred or seemed to deem his future projects as ‘unrealizable’ because of a lack of gear. He always said ‘Oh, yeah I’d love to do that also, but I don’t have this super powerful strobe thingy, or this 2.something lens, or this laser triggering switch.’

It struck me that a lot of people, her included, are being held back by ‘limitations’. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve always tried to avoid these ‘limitations’, by being creative and surpassing all the stops. Sure, sometimes you’ll absolutely, positively need a certain piece of hardware, but I find the opportunities where a shot can’t be made without specific gear are very limited.

Be creative. If you think of a problem, and a solution to it, there are at least 3 alternatives to it, each with it’s downsides, and upsides. It’s inevitable. And this isn’t bound to the field of photography. It’s for everything . For photography there’s the added aspect that the problem you’re having, hundreds of other have had it, which results in the 99-percentile probability that there’s a solution to it.

Search the internet, there are some amazing sources of information & inspiration out there. Check out :
DIY Photography

– Digital Photography School


These are just 3, but there is a huge directory of sites just like this, ready to help you out.

Another aspect is experimenting. Don’t think, ‘oh I don’t want to get involved in that, I know it won’t work because i’m not geared up’
This shot was made with just available lighting, adjusted camera settings and minor post production. Imagine the size of the light you’d need to obtain that effect.


Nikon dSLR, 85mm , ISO 250, f/4.5, Sandisk Digital Film.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, don’t let yourself be limited in your creative potential by what appear to be boundaries. Break them like a boulder through a wall, and you’ll discover the other side of the wall, where nothing stops you except your imagination.




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