The LookBook

Hi all!

Today I’m uploading the first (of what I hope a great number) video for the site. In my precious post about keeping in touch with your work i mentioned the significance of having a LookBook. I started getting mails, comments and twitter messages about this “lookbook-thingy”.

I had been wanting to make a video for the site for a long time, and this seemed to be the perfect occasion, so here we are.( also a great song by bloc party)
It’s short, but there’s not an immense amount of things to say about it, so if you have questions remaining, don’t hesitate to comment/mail/twit about it.

Also, you might have noticed, I’m doing minor upgrades to the side, like a site logo, which is the little icon you see left of the URL bar in your browser. Nothing fancy,but I like it.




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