Why Speedlights can save your life

Hi all!

Back from the first part of summer vacation and already had a blast up and until now. Visited some friends in France, and now back in good ‘ol Belgium. Had a chance to take some amazing pictures whilst there off course, and stumbled into a little something wonderful.

Found an old chapel, with tainted windows, ass-breaking wooden benches, old chapel book, the whole shabang. Couldn’t help but feel nostalgic in there. As soon as in wondered in there, the brain started funtioning like a cat locked onto a mouse. Different lighting schemes, there a studio strobe at 1/16th, another one there, plug it in and…wait what? This is a 15th century chapel, there aren’t any wallplugs? It hit me instantly. Speed lights were going to save me.

I’m going to share with you a golden rule by which I’ve been living on for quite a while. Always pack speedlights. Those little monsters come in when you need ’em the most. Sure the batteries will most likely fail out on you, but they’re replaceable. Getting 3 speedlights in the local photoshop might turn out expensive (If they have ’em in stock, which is a certainty they don’t).

Racked them up high on a buddy standing on a ladder outside trying to overpower the sun cause the sun wasn’t casting a glow inside them, blasting full power through the stained windows. Casts a nice light huh?


Hidden one in the altar pointing up to the ceiling to make the blue dome and stars really pop out.


Postpro was minor, although i did use the ‘Clarity’ slider significantly (love that) and a graduated green-orange filter to create the whole CSI:Miami vibe going on in these pictures.


Nikon dSLr, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 lens @ 10mm, ISO 200.

So, what did I learn? Well, really, really pack speedlight all the time. They don’t take up much space, they pack an incredible punch for such a small package, and when the time comes, they can really save your butt!

More coming up soon…(including the first home-brewed video for the blog!)




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