Sigma develops Bazooka

Just saw this ‘little’ thing on the net. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with it exactly, except radiate all forms of human life in your viewer from this side of the earth. This sweet lil’ lens, coming in at a questionable 29,000$ will fill all your needs for the ultra-telephoto lens department. I’d advise it for candid wildlife photography, aerial photography and hunting down Osama Bin Laden.


What really cracked me up was the user review posted with the lens.

“The Sigma 200-500 is simply amazing. Yes it’s a little pricey, but if shooting long-range targets is your passion, this is the piece for you. Just last week I was using mine to shoot some deer out in a field. I was probably about 300 yards away from them. With the Sigma I was quickly and easily able to line up a nice shot. The detail on the image was amazing…so crisp and clear, so I could aim exactly where I needed with no fear of missing or blowing the shot. With that I pulled the trigger and took the shot. The deer dropped immediately. When I approached it I found my shot hit my mark exactly. The deer’s neck was almost completely separated only attached to the body by a small thread of flesh. Getting this deer head and neck mounted to display in my den was so much easier than normal as the part I needed was already separated from the deer. This is simply the best piece of artillery I’ve ever used. I highly recommend.”

The bastard, weighing in at 34 pounds will have you cramped up before you can read the lens’ full description.
However, it’s quite amazing at f/2.8, I’m sure some incredible aerial pictures will result out of this.

For all those interested, head over @ Amazon to order this. Oh yeah, and use a Gold credit card. I don’t know if a lot of cards accept this kinda limit ;).




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