How dangerous is Google really?

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I know it’s been pathetic, but the last few weeks have been quite hectic and frantic (fill in other). I’m going to be shooting a lot in the next couple of weeks, and am also working onthe first videopost for this blog, but it’s all a little bit new so it takes a while to get to it…

However, as I was browsing through a couple of mails from my GMail account and browsing Google Earth for shooting spots (it’s a handy tool for that) I started thinking about how dangerous Gmail and Google really are. Obviously I’m not talking dangerous in the sense of North Korea’s Nuclear Arms Protocol but in another sense. Come to think of it, I’ve had a Gmail account for an estimated 5 years. Since the GMail approach to mail was new, in a way that they don’t make you delete files, only archive them it ran a huge success. As I was browsing through my mails, I stumbled on one of the very first mails I received, complete with attachements and all. Although it was very fun to read something five years old, it got me thinking.

A lot of people organize their lives through mails, may it be for business, or for personal work or any other thing, doesn’t matter it happens through the mail. Since people don’t delete the majority of their mails anymore, and archive it instead, it never really goes away. Gmail keeps a trace of almost everything you do that way.
Even more frightening, they don’t delete your attachments as well.  They keep everything. Whilst for the majority of users this is beneficiary, I can’t help but think of how dangerous such a thing is. What if Google, and other mail providers where to grant access to these files in the search of said anti-terrorism passed through a highly questionable bill?

This would grand whoever has access to these records a peek into the lives of an incredible number of people. Think of it this way, they have a direct line of sight in your personal live, your files etc…

What’s even worse? Companies like Google and others offer you calendar services, photo & document sharing services, etc.. all in one account. That means that whenever they get access to one of these accounts, they have access to all of them. Scared yet? It doesn’t end there.

Privacy concerns surrounding Google’s Earth application are daily news items, ranging from burglars getting caught from shots of Google Street View technology to live positioning of ‘friends’ through Google Latitude. That’s right, now it’s possible to determine live where people are based on a simple phone application. Imagine how dangerous such a thing is in the hands of the wrong people.

Although this sounds very conspirative, it’s reality, and it may not affect international cartels or other blockbuster movie script characters, I personally wouldn’t feel entirely safe and sound knowing people have access to a good part of my life, my live position, my photos & documents all together, safely sheltered behind one password. (Note the sarcasm) It just feels like another blow to privacy.

In these liberal ages it’s not such a big concern, but the world is changing and so are the times, so count your blessings we live in countries

And that’s a rap for our nostradamus-like post. No seriously, just had to check it off my chest.

On a light side of things, keep checking the blog for updates.




3 thoughts on “How dangerous is Google really?

  1. Christopher says:

    Both very true and very frightening as well. Makes you think twice about hitting the ‘delete’ button. Nice article, I like your writing style.

    Keep it up,


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