Hi, my name is Morgan and I’ve been twittered

I’m probably the last guy on earth to apply to twitter. I was amazed there still was a spot left for me on this whole ‘micro-blogging-madness-site’. At first, I was a little sceptic towards it. Already being on Facebook, I always saw twitter as yet another status update -site with not much more to add than that.

A friend of mine, Philippe Ceulen (make sure to check out his Flickr photostream) converted me to the idea of still applying promising it’d be more than just ‘status updates’.

Well i finally took the big plunge, and you can follow me @morganmoller !

I’m currently ‘tweeting’ through TweetDeck, and on my Windows Mobile phone through Twikini, an awesome little tweeting software for Windows Mobile. I hate the fact that twitter is so associated with the iPhone, it’s almost as if people who don’t have iPhones (like me, by choice!) are left out. Well, twikini solves the problem, take a look, it’s the best tweet-ware available on WM I believe…


It’s nice to see other photogs like Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, Chase Jarvis are already adepts of this thing that’s weirdly addictive.

I’ve yet to find all the useful things on the internet…

Have a good one,



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