2009 will rock! // The Hot Shoe Diaries


Legendary Barney

In the words of the already immortal Barney Stinson , photosuit up!


2009 is a year that promises to be a year of change, on well, just about every single terrain.

Nikon D3x

Nikon D3x

Nikon broke the ice by delivering professional photographers with the best gift one of the latter could wish for,
the already legendary (yes, we’re in a stinson mood) Nikon D3x . I know some people who literally trade one of their kidneys for one. Hey, sure as hell can’t blame ’em!


Some people on the other hand, don’t really appreciate it’s RSP of 7,999$. Ouch! 

On another note, ’tis the season for corporate portraits. Love ’em or hate ’em, there are a lot of companies out there who have a craving need to re-establish their image towards their clients, media, and people in general after 2008’s commercially-destructive ways… What is that? The best solution for this? Exactly, the good old fashion corporate portaits. 
Nothing emits more confidence towards clients than to see the faces of the people in charge of your money, stocks, mortgages etc.

Corporate portraiture is a unique chance to improve your strobist technique’s. Nothing is more challenging than creating the right environment with wireless flash strobes in an environment, say an office, you’re not familiar with. Studio’s can only take you that far. 

For all those, who’re going to be doing this kind of work the next months, the Digital Photography School have published an article containing 5 popular techniques for corporate portaits. They range from simple 1 light portraits to multiple lights, props-filled elevators crammed with people. Interesting stuff!

Head over @ dPS  for the buzz.




In other news, small light magician Joe McNally  which we all know or should know from countless publications in some of the most renowned magazines in the world including National Geographic, Time, … and the person responsible for the Nikon CLS Lightin DVD’s has just finished his latest book entitled : ‘The Hot Shoe Diaries’ and it already promises to be the bible for strobist-fanatics  all over the world. 
McNally’s legendary wit combined with his valuable technical learning skills and years of experience will undoubtedly  have contributed to this soon-to-be distributed masterpiece.

The book, 320 pages long will be out on the 12th of March this year according to himself, and covers a wide ground of subjects including groups, gear, multiple lighting scenario’s and some advanced stuff as well.

For more on the subject I redirect you to the master’s blog directly. 
Oh, and I know the blog’s been incredibly quiet lately but we’re back up and running, we had some issues on the server as well as some extended projects of which i’ll be able to tell you more soon!





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