Great Gift Idea//Photoshop Top Secrets









If you still have to get a gift for someone who likes both photography and post-editing on the computer, I’ve got just the perfect little thing for you. offers a set of 4-5 DVD’s training you in multiple area’s of specialised photoshop applications. The DVD’s are easy,

clearly commented and will teach you how to create tons of effects you thought were only to be done by professionals and industry-hounds. 

I’ve got the boxset myself, and have to say I learned a great deal by watching them. I haven’t viewed all of them already, because I don’t think I’m 

going to need everything that is on those DVD’s in the immediate future, but I do keep them withing reach whenever I’m working on a project that

requires a specific technique. 

The power of this DVD set is it’s versatility. Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do : 

  • Design a pro-looking movie poster
  • painting a digital portrait
  • Using layer compositions 
  • creating pop-art pictures
  • and much more…

The DVD was created by Melanie Stimmell & Mark Monciardini, both excellently skilled professionals. 

Now, for all those who think I got them for free in order to promote them, you’re absolutely right. They handed the DVD’s over to me, accompanied by 2 big bags of cash strapped on the back of a donkey.
No off course I’m just joking , I got them for christmas this year, and I just think that when something’s that good, I deserves to be well-known. 

What’s even sweeter is that this holiday season, they’ll ship it for free!

If you’re still not quite sure, just check out the trailer here and you’ll be hooked!

Ordering can be done on their site!


Checking out,



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