Sunday’s Superlink//News

Hi everybody! 

I hope everybody has had a super christmas/other holiday and in the process managed to capture some great shots as well. 

Today I have some interesting links for you guys to check out, some are tutorial sites featuring killer tutorials on beauty retouching, photoshop magic, and so on. There’s also a link to the coolest flash galleries you can incorporate into Lightroom, and then using LR’s built-in gallery generator publish them on the web. The best part is they’re totally free! Pretty sweet huh? 


Adobe Lightroom

In other news, just before the holiday’s Adobe released the 2.2 Update for Adobe Lightroom. It’s free and comes with a bunch of new camera profiles like the Canon 5D MarkII,… 
I hope everyone is an avid lightroom fan like me, and if you are, get the update!

Here’s the link for Windows users

                           Here’s the link for Apple users

Useful links worthy of checking out : 


             This cool site is packed with galleries you can use for your Lightroom Web Module. They install fast & easy, and let you export your best pictures flawlessly in a variety of styles. 
             They feature both HTML &  Flash galleries, so you can have both variations according to the level of sleek design you want.
             I know I’ve downloaded all of them! 

  • GraphicTutorials-  
    This site features a lot of tutorials on enhancing photoshop pictures, beauty retouching,  portraits… but it also covers a lot of ground on other Adobe software. 
    You’ll find tutorials on photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, Fireworks,…well almost anything!

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