MusicID for Windows Mobile

Hey there, 

In today’s world, mobile email, instant messaging and portable internet are as common as fries and ketchup. Phones are more versatile than ever, and more and more people are finding their way towards smartphones. With the introduction of the iPhone, last year everybody suddenly realised they had a craving hunger for a phone that combines an agenda, an mp3 player, a web browser and much more. Extremely good marketing or a real need? Nobody knows, but smartphones are here to stay. 

For those of you who haven’t jumped on the iPhone boat, the other really popular platform is Windows Mobile. I personally prefer my HTC Touch to Apple’s iPhone, even if it doesn’t have swift menu’s and a motion sensor. 

If you’re still reading, you probably also have a Windows Mobile powered device. I know I’ve been feeling kind of left out lately, since all the attention was pointed towards the iPhone but there is nothing to despair. Windows Mobile is still alive and kicking!

I’ve discovered a really cool little app this week, it’s called MusicID. Verizon users already know this, since it was available on ‘normal’ phones before, but never on Windows Mobile. Well I can tell you the tide has turned. 
In this post, you’ll find the link towards the file you need to install to your device. After the easy install, just launch it, make sure you’ve got an internet connection and hold it up to the tune you desperately need to identify.
Couple of minutes later, and bam, Music ID has identified it. Pretty sweet huh?

Anyway, go try it out for yourself, I certainly know it’s an app that’s never going to leave my phone!



MusicID Download


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