Motion Monday : Strobist Photoshoot

Motion Monday? Is that the name of some upcoming b-movie featuring crappy bullet-time-like special effects? 
Not at all, it’s the name of the segment of this blog that, as you can guess, will be featured every monday. The goal is to post an
interesting video/flash/fillinyourself covering some aspect of photography.

More info & the video after the break

For the first Motion Monday (catchy huh?) , I’ve decided to take up on something general, but that can be immensely useful to other (aspiring) photographers wanting to do a photoshoot with a model.

Very often when I talk to somebody about doing a photoshoot they’re quiet reluctant. Wow, isn’t that something for magazines, requiring insane amounts of gear that’s even more insanely costly? Well, you could go that way, but as with almost everything in photography, there’s an alternative. 

This video, created by Australian photographer Chris Baran illustrates what it takes to have a photoshoot using basic strobist equipment, and still get stunning results. It’s inspiring to see there are a lot of young photographers finding their more cost-efficient ways to what used to be professional territory. 

Chris uses a Nikon D700 DSLR coupled with a 50mm f/1.4 & a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. Alongside that, he lights his model with 2 Nikon SB-800’s and a SB-600. As you can see, the results are good considering the total lack of professional studio strobes. 

If this type of lighting/shoot has caught your attention, or you just want to get to know more about off-camera flash I’ll redirect you towards . This site, created by David Hobby himself, is the ultimate off-camera flash photographer’s resource guide. It covers just about anything in the process and I know it’s a site I check daily. 

Have a good one!



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